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Pauline Groothaert-Marçais  (1975) is a painter from Nantes, France, based in London. After graduating in international trade law in 1999, she worked at Deutsche bank. She then decided to look after her four children and took up painting in 2006. Pauline now spends the majority of her time between London and Sainte-Marie-Sur-Mer (France) where she paints by the sea.





The shapes that surround Pauline Groothaert-Marçais are embodied as the lines and divided spaces within her paintings; however, her mood and state of mind is reflected by her choice of palette and tonal range. “I feel the need to express with my spatula what pleases my eyes or touches me. I become an author of my world by painting, which allows me to escape, to cross boundaries and to add color”.

PGM's work has seen a progression from use of spatula to brush in manipulating acrylic upon canvas. The significance of choice in media in her work determines the way in which she is able to deliver the shapes populating her canvas. Use of a square canvas, for example, grants a certain liberty to the painting, by inviting the viewer to participate through choosing the orientation of the canvas, whilst the application of gold leaves adds a sense of vibrancy to the painting’s colours. Inspiration takes many forms for her, such as the desire to capture an essence of simplicity ocurring in nature. Once happy with the shape, she would use it as a writer would use a word in a sentence- both structural and tonal harmony are central in Pauline Groothaert-Marcais’ work.

She hopes that the spontaneity of these colours will invite you to her joie de vivre.

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